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Collection: Harry Potter Collection

Our Dyed to Order Collections will all be on a brief pause during Rachel's maternity leave. You'll be able to get these special colorways again starting in early June. Thank you for your patience with us as we slow down a bit during the month of May! 

The Harry Potter series and the very real worlds it has created for us all -- be it fan fiction, clubs and organizations advancing justice in our world, friendships, inspiration for creative endeavors -- if you're a HP fan, you know that feeling of being included in this global fan base and love for the story. However, JK Rowling's trans women exclusionary comments are a problem. As someone with a lot of influence and power, it's disappointing to see her be so exclusionary, divisive, and hateful. I do not agree with or condone her opinions. Trans women are women. It's important for me to be clear on this!

 When I think of Harry Potter, I hardly associate it with the author -- I instead think of all the magic that has come from it. I feel that the story is almost more ours, the fans, than hers. So, I'm going to continue to offer these colors in celebration of my favorite book series, but every sale now has a donation element.

 Starting in June 2020, 10% of proceeds from this collection will be donated to Mama Cash. This will be an ongoing donation, with no end date. So any item ordered from the Harry Potter Collection will automatically be donating a portion to advance the rights for trans and intersex people, women, and girls all over the world. Click here to learn more about this organization and their important work!

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