Six and Seven Fiber Values

Honesty & Kindness

Colors that Inspire

Great Customer Service

Dependable, Quality Fiber

Fresh Ideas, Ingenuity

Friendship & Humility

Encouraging Confidence & Success in Others

Creativity & Love


It’s important to me that S&SF reflect my own values in life. The values listed above help me to align my work with what is most important to me. Below, you’ll find my social policies, which align with my overall values but are more specific to the important role my business plays in the public sphere. I aim for the values listed above to be reflected in these policies.

It’s important to stand for what we believe in, and I hope this helps you also feel more certain about supporting my shop. I hope very much that you see your own values reflected on this page.


Social Policies

  • welcome all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, size, or age
  • price products fairly and reasonably, only charging what is needed 
  • price larger garment kits at higher discount for size-inclusivity 
  • feature, work with, and support a diverse and inclusive representation of makers 
  • provide yarn support to a diverse representation of size-inclusive designers
  • refrain from cultural appropriation in creative process
  • responsible monitoring of social media space to maintain safety of all
  • minimize waste in studio setting, recycling and reusing whenever possible
  • responsible water usage in studio setting
  • ship using 100% recycled and 100% reusable mailers
  • donate 10% of sales from 2019 A Sense of Place Collection to local non-profits
  • donate 10% of sales from Harry Potter Collection to Mama Cash